We provide research results at Tottori University as a regional contribution activities through "Nihon Trip LLP". We operate the location system in cooperation with Tottori Prefecture.

Usage Guide

To search routes or timetables, you need to enter the name or a part of the name of the departure point or the busstop. You can use Yomigana as well as Kanji Characters.

Also, you can re-enter a name on the list screen of the result of the search by entering a part of a name. This time, there is already a text you entered in the edit box. Suppoose that there is "Dai" in the edit box as a part of a name on the list screen. Then, you can add "ga" and refine your result easily.

In the route or timetable search, you can specify the bus company you want to use. It is convenient when you have a commutation ticket or a commuter pass available in a particular bus company.

When you set the conditions to search routes or timetables, specify either Nikko(red bus) or Hinomaru(blue bus), or both of them. If not, you are supposed to specify both of them. In the case of municipal buses, they are used when they are advantageous as a route search result. and they are always displayed in the timetable search result.

Below the result of route or timetable searching, displayed a link to send the result to your mobile phone by E-mail, and a link to view the QR Code. The result searched by PC at home can be viewed quickly by the mobile phone on the go, or the transfer method can be easily informed to friends.

Besides, the E-mai or the QR Code contain not only the search result but a link to get the search result on the same conditions. The seach is done every time you click on the link. For example, in case you sent the result of the search of At present「10 minutes after」to by E-mail or QR Code, you can click the link and get the result of the time 10 minutes after you click it. Also, in case you sent the result of searching tooday's timetable by E-mail or QR Code, you can click the link and see the timetable on the day you click it. Please register it to Favorites and make use of it.

When you specify the departure point or the destination, you can search by entering a part of the name. If you specify multiple by deviding a word with spaces, all names including a word can be searched. This usage can prevent a search omission, and also decrease presented choices. For example, when you want to appoint「Kokufu Chomin Taiikukan」 and enter 「Kokufu Cho Taiikukan」, the name can not be found because of the lack of 「min」. From September 29, 2006, 21 names as the result of「Kokufu」, 37 names of「Taiikukan」are displayed. In this case, if you enter the two words,「Kokufu」and「Taiikukan」, separated by a space, only 「Kokufu Chomin Taiikukan」will be displayed. You can easily choose it.

The names of points are displayed in order of the frequencies they are used. In case you appoint the name that will be displayed early, the easiest way is to push search button without entering any words. In this case, all of the registered names are the objects to be chosen, early displayed names can be chosen quickly.

When selecting 「Search Route」from the top menu, three search boxes are displayed to input search conditions. The first box is to appoint the departure point and the destination. The third box is to appoint the bus company to use.

Here, we explain how to specify the date and time in the second box.

First, decide the date. In most cases, 「today」will be fine. In case of seaching route of Sunday or the days of festivals when the timetable may be diffrent from weekday's schedule, specify the date in the pull-down menu. For example, if today is July 20th, in the pull-down menu, first,「today」, next 「July 20」, and the next「July 21」are lining in order. There is no difference in the result by choosing 「today」or 「July 20」. However, it differs when you send a link of seach results by E-mail or QR Code. In case of specifying 「July 20」, the displayed result is fixed to the date, July 20. In case of specifying 「today」, it means the day to display the result, not fixed to the specific day.

Next, decide the time. First selection is to leave 10 minutes after. If you want to change it, push the button of「Change of Time Specified Method」. Then a new screen opens, and you can specify the time from four methods. Select one by clicking the radio button. If you select「1 X minutes from now」 and choose X from the pull-down menu, you can search the route of leaving X minutes after pushing search button, or the route of arriving by X minutes after. If you select 「3 specified time X hour Y minutes」 and decide X and Y from the pull-down menu, you can search the route of leaving at X hour Y minutes or the route of arriving by X hour Y minutes. If you select「6 arrive earliest」, you can search the earliest route to arrive at the destination. If you select「7 arrive the latest」, you can search the latest route to arrive at the destination on the day.